Active Grants for the Natural Resources & The Environment department

Grant Name Close Date
A Comprehensive Framework for Modeling Emissions from Tropical Soils & Wetlands 12/31/2021
A Multi-regional approach to balancing milk and forage quality tradeoffs in organic dairies 8/31/2024
Acquisition of UHPLC-MS-MS Instrumentation to Strengthen Interdisciplinary Research on Biomolecules and Emerging Contaminants in Agroecosystems 6/30/2023
Assessing Insect Communities Along a Gradient from Urban Forests to Old-Growth Reserves 7/31/2023
Assessing Microbial Safety Issues Associated with Emerging Shellfish Aquaculture Practices to Increase Productivity in the Northeast US 8/31/2022
Assessing the Ecological Effectiveness of Hurricane Sandy Marsh Restoration 12/31/2021
Assisted migration: A viable silvicultural technique for facilitating adaptation of Northern Forest tree 4/30/2024
BII- Implementation: The EMERGE Institute, integrating research and training to characterize EMergent Ecosystem Response to ChanGE 8/31/2022
Belmont Forum Collaborative Research: Abandonment and rebound: Societal views on landscape- and land- use change and their impacts on water and soils (ABRESO) 7/31/2024
Can watershed land use legacies inform nitrogen management? 2/28/2022
Collab Proposal:MRA:Linking Land-to-Water Transport & Stream Carbon Cycling to Inform Macrosystem Carbon Balance 2/28/2023
Collab Proposal:MSA:Controls on Coupled Nitrogen & Carbon Cycles of Watersheds Across Eco-Regions 12/31/2022
Collaborative Proposal: Plastic Spiraling in River Networks (Plastic-SIReN): Determining the controls 9/30/2024
Collaborative Research: Adding Animals to the Equation: Linking Observational, Experimental and Modeling Approaches to Assess Herbivore Impacts on Carbon Cycling in Northern Alaska 3/31/2022
Collaborative Research: LTREB: Soil Warming and Forest Ecosystem Feedbacks to the Climate System 3/31/2025
Collaborative Research: Mineral-associated organic matter: an overlooked source and mediator of bioavailable nitrogen 8/31/2024
Collaborative Research: Network Cluster: Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry in the Critical Zone 8/31/2025
Collaborative Research: Permafrost–Climate Feedbacks 12/31/2023
Collaborative Research: Research Coordination Network for Hurricane Ecosystem Response Synthesis 12/31/2024
Determining the Effectiveness of the Clean Air Act and Amendments on the Recovery of Surface Water 5/28/2022
Developing and testing a novel tap design for increasing sugarbush sap yields and sustainability through research, extension, and producer partnerships 9/29/2023
Developing and testing a novel tap designs for increasing sap yield and sugarbush sustainability through research-extension-industry partnerships 10/31/2023
Diversifying the maple syrup industry to enhance socioecological resilience and ecosystem services 1/31/2024
Effects of Stress Factors on Molecular and Biochemical Aspects of Forest Trees and Microbes 7/20/2022
Effects of environmental and biotic stress factors on molecular and biochemical aspects of forest trees and related changes in soil chemistry and microbes in Forests 6/30/2022
Enhancing the PnET-CN Model to Simulate Forest Dynamics Along the Eastern US 5/15/2022
Enhancing the Rhizosphere Microbiome and Soil Health to Increase Yield Resilience to Stress 3/31/2022
Enhancing the Sustainability of US Cropping Systems Through Cover Crops and an Innovative Information and Technology Network 8/31/2024
Evaluating Furbearer Monitoring Methods in New Hampshire 5/31/2022
FFY 2019 and FY2020 PREP WORKPLAN (YEAR 24) 12/31/2021
FFY 2020 and FY2021 PREP WORKPLAN (YEAR 25) 12/31/2022
FY 2019 PREP Workplan (Year 23) 12/31/2021
Field variation in emamectin benzoate concentrations and its impacts on Emerald ash borer and its biological control agents 8/19/2022
Functional Diversity, Rehabilitation, and Ecosystem Service Resilience in the Northern Forest 4/30/2024
Genomic Tools for Understanding Metapopulation Connectivity of the White Mountains Fritillary: a Pilot Study 1/31/2022
Ground-truthing Salt Marsh Prioritization Tools using Tidal Marsh Bird Data In NH 5/31/2022
IRES: Track I: Andean-Amazonian Watershed Experience: Exploring 8/31/2023
Identifying Poor Quality Forest Stands and Demonstrating Rehabilitative Silviculture in NH 9/28/2023
Integrated Understanding of Ash Resistance and Emamectin Benzoate 8/19/2022
Interactive Effects of Catchment and Climate Change on Water Quality 7/31/2022
LTER-Plum Island Ecosystems: Dynamics of a Coastal Ecosystem in a Region of Rapid Climate Change 9/30/2022
LTER: From Microbes to Macrosystems 2/28/2022
LTER: Long-Term Ecological Research at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest 2/28/2023
LiDAR- Enabled Monitoring on the White Mountain National Forest 9/30/2022
Linking Small Mammals and Mycorrhizal Fungi to Forest Regeneration 5/14/2022
Litter Quality and Stream Food Webs: Understanding Interactions Between Microbes and Invertebrates 7/31/2022
MSF-FRA: The Influence of Biological Diversity on Land-Atmosphere Exchange in Forests: Confronting Theory with Data 8/31/2022
Mechanisms for adaptation to climate in fungal forest pathogens 4/30/2023
NEBI (Water): Connecting N'dakinna (Land), Bilowagizegad (Climate), and Alnobak (People) 6/30/2023
NERACOOS: A responsive ocean observing system for the changing Northeast region 6/30/2026
NH Sea Grant 2018-2021 Omnibus 1/31/2023
NH Water Resources Research Center 8/31/2022
NH Water Resources Research Center Administrative 12/31/2021
NRT: Convergent Arctic Research and Perspectives (CARPE) 8/31/2026
New England Cottontail Monitoring in Maine 12/31/2023
New England Cottontail Release Site & Noman's Island Monitoring 12/31/2023
Northeastern States Research Cooperative 4/30/2025
Northeastern States Research Cooperative 2021 7/31/2022
Northeastern States Research Cooperative Theme 2 6/1/2022
Northern Forest Response to Disturbance 6/15/2022
OPUS: CRS, Biogeochemical responses to interacting global change drivers and feedbacks to the climate system 3/31/2023
Old-Growth Forests Dynamics and Structure 4/30/2022
Optimized Management Strategies To Support Bioenergy Feedstock Yield And Ecosystem Services In 4/30/2023
Optimizing Aquaponic Production Using and Integrated Systems Approach 5/31/2022
PREP Monitoring Collaborative 12/31/2021
Pheromone- based monitoring and control program for browntail moth in the Northeast 7/31/2024
Population and Habitat Assessment of the Endangered Blanding's Turtle, an Indicator of Environmental Health 12/31/2022
RAPID: Impacts of Godzilla dust cloud on a tropical forest 7/31/2023
RII Track-2: Computational Methods and Autonomous Robotics Systems for Modeling and Predicting 7/31/2022
RII Track-2FEC: Genomic Ecology of Coastal Organisms (GECO): A Systems-based Research and Training Program in Genome-Phenome Relationships in the Wild 7/31/2022
RII Track-4: Canary in the Watershed: Concentration-Discharge Relationships as a Sentinel of Change 11/30/2022
Resilience and Vulnerability of Acer Saccharum to Drought, Defoliators, and Tapping: Stress Tresholds 5/31/2022
Resilience and positive feedbacks: Water quality management and eelgrass health in the Great Bay Estuary, NH/ME 9/30/2024
Risk assessment of non-target effects of systemically injected emamectin benzoate on soil arthropod communities in association with the Emerald ash borer 7/31/2023
SitS: FroSen: Novel soil frost sensing systems for tracking freeze -thaw cycles and their implications for ecosystem carbon and nutrient dynamics 2/14/2025
Small Mammal Population and Community Dynamics in Northern Forests 6/30/2022
StateView Program Development and Operations for the State of New Hampshire 9/17/2022
The Influence of Canopy Structure and Foliar Chemistry on Remote Sensing Observations 9/30/2023
Title: The functional significance of the soil microbiome in New Hampshire’s agriculture: harnessing the power of genomics and ecological theory 9/30/2022
Tracking Early Season Nitrogen Flows from Started Fertilizers 6/30/2022
Understanding drought sensitivity in eastern U.S. forests to inform sustainable forest management practices 6/30/2023
University of Puerto Rico Long-Term Ecological Research 1/31/2025