Active Grants for the Earth Sciences department

Grant Name Close Date
ASV Exploration 4/30/2020
Basin Scale Forcing of Long Timescale Flows on Western-Boundary Shelves 5/31/2020
CAREER: Investigating Earthquake Cycles on Mid-Ocean Ridge Transform Faults 2/28/2021
Cold Regions Operations and Assessment Research 2/19/2021
Collaborative Research: Assessing the Sensitivity of High-Altitude Environments to Globally Warm Climate as Recorded by Lacustrine Microbialite Carbonates 8/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Capturing 4D Variations in Stress, Slip, and Fault-Zone Material Properties: The 2019-2021 Gofar Transform Fault Earthquake Prediction Experiment 8/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Dissolved Organic Phosphorus Controls on Marine Nitrogen Fixation and Export Production 8/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Towards a Mechanistic Prediction of Methane Ebullition Fluxes from Northern Peatlands 8/31/2020
Collaborative Research: Transparent Exopolymer and Phytoplankton Vertical Migration as Sources for Preformed Nitrate Anomalies in the Subtropical N. Pacific Ocean 8/31/2023
Continuation of the NOAA Joint Hydrographic Center at the University of New Hampshire 12/31/2020
Dynamic Modeling of Ecosystem Processes and Services in North American Boreal Forests 4/30/2022
EPSCoR RII-Track 1 NH Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing 8/31/2023
Establishing and Maintaining a Coordination and Promotion Network for Seabed 2030 3/31/2020
Feasibility of Sustained Real-Time Turbidity Current Monitoring 6/30/2021
Field Surveys in Support of Geotechnical Soil Characterization in Coastal NH 12/31/2020
From Archea to the Atmosphere: Integrating Microbial, Isotopic and Landscape-Scale Observations to Quantify Methane Emissions from Global High-Latitude Ecosystems 4/19/2020
GEBCO Indian Ocean Bathymetric Compilation 6/30/2020
GEBCO Training Program Year 15 & 16 6/30/2020
GEBCO-NF Alumni Team Participation in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Round 2 6/30/2020
GP-Extra: Collaborative Links to Ocean Science and Earth Science Graduate Academic Programs 7/31/2021
Identifying Significant Pathways of Hg Cycling Via Hg Isotopes in Stordalen Mire, Sweden 3/31/2020
Illumilnating the Pathways to Carbon Liberation: A Systems Approach to Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Patterns of Carbon Transformation and Loss from Thawing Permafrost Peatlands 8/14/2020
Improving Integrated Multibeam Survey Systems 3/31/2021
Interactive Effects of Catchment and Climate Change on Water Quality 7/31/2020
Landscape Scale Detection and Analysis of Dispersed Physical Food Storage Archeological Features in the Northern Great Lakes Region 6/30/2020
MRI: Acquisition of a Computer Cluster for the Study of Fluids, Heliophysics, and Astrophysical Plasma 8/31/2022
MSF-FRA: The Influence of Biological Diversity on Land-Atmosphere Exchange in Forests: Confronting Theory with Data 10/31/2021
Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute (OECI) 9/30/2020
Potential Impacts of Climate Change-Induced Changes in Temperature on the Coupling of Ovigerous Female Movements and Larval Recruitment Success of Lobsters in the Gulf of Maine 8/31/2021
RII Track-2 FEC: Strengthening the Scientific Basis for Decision-Making About Dams: Multi-Scale, Coupled-Systems Research on Ecological, Social, and Economic Trade-Offs 7/31/2020
RII Track-2: Computational Methods and Autonomous Robotics Systems for Modeling and Predicting 7/31/2020
Saildrone Surveyor: Autonomous Mapping & Environmental Characterization Using Deep Ocean ASV 8/31/2022
Seabed 2030: The Complete Mapping of the Ocean Floor by 2030 8/31/2021
TEAM Scholarships: Supporting Community College Transfer Students in Earning STEM Degrees at UNH 2/28/2021
Tectonic Activity and Climate as Drivers of Landscape Evolution in the Teton Range, USA 12/31/2020
Tradeoffs Between Soil Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Organic Pastures Under Management Intensive Grazing. 8/31/2020
UNH Oceanography Graduate Program 6/30/2020
Understanding the Role of Moisture in Rainfall Variability and Agricultural Decision Making 2/29/2020
oTherm – A Renewable Thermal Data Clearinghouse 1/31/2021