Active Grants for the Earth Sciences department

Grant Name Close Date
Biophysical Drivers of Sedimentation in Salt Marsh Environments with Implications for Coastal Resiliency 9/27/2024
Collaborative Research: Improving Quantification of Larval Dispersal in the Global Coastal Ocean to Understand the Genetic Structure, Biogeography, and Spread of Benthic Organisms 5/31/2024
Collaborative Research: What controls the marine refractory DOC reservoir? 6/30/2024
Continuation of the NOAA Joint Hydrographic Center at the University of New Hampshire 12/31/2025
Developing and Evaluating Novel Techniques for Moose Monitoring in New Hampshire 6/30/2025
IRES Track 1: International Collaborative Experiences to Track Arctic LaKe Systems (ICE TALKS) 6/30/2024
Improving Integrated Multibeam Survey Systems (Phase 2) 3/31/2026
Making Noyce in NH: A Teacher Leaders Program to Improve STEM Learning for all Students 5/31/2025
NH Sea Grant Omnibus 2022-2024 1/31/2024
NRT: Convergent Arctic Research and Perspectives (CARPE) 8/31/2026
Resilience and positive feedbacks: Water quality management and eelgrass health in the Great Bay Estuary, NH/ME 9/30/2024
STEM Language Arts Teaching - learning Ecosystems (SLATE) 12/15/2026