Active Grants for the Chemical Engineering department

Grant Name Close Date
CAREER: Molecular Simulation Methods to Probe RNA Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Interfacial Interactions 2/28/2021
Characterization of Mixing and Mass Transfer of a Novel Variable Diameter Bioreactor (VDB) and Continuous Agitator 12/31/2020
Contact Lens to Remove Zinc Ions for Corneal Melting 3/31/2021
EPRI: Collaborative Research: Hydrogen Production via Electrochemical Reforming of Ethanol in a Proton Exchange Membrane Cell 6/30/2021
EPSCoR RII-Track 1 NH Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing 8/31/2023
MRI: Acquisition of a 700 MHz High Field NMR Spectrometer 9/30/2021
PFI-TT: Scale-Up and Prototype Development of Aqueous Stationary Electrochemical Storage Device 5/31/2021
Understanding the Interplay Between Electrode and Aqueous Electrolyte on the Electrochemical Storage of Na-ion and K-ion 6/30/2021