Active Grants for the Civil and Environmental Engineering department

Grant Name Close Date
Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Graduate Research Award 8/31/2020
Algal Classification Index for Stream Assessments 6/30/2020
An Integrated Stormwater Management Approach for Promoting 3/27/2020
AquaShield Testing 5/30/2020
Assessment of Embedded Culvert Low Flow Hydraulics 4/30/2021
CRRC 5-Year Grant 7/31/2022
Cold Regions Operations and Assessment Research 2/19/2021
Collaborative Research: AccelNet: ICNet Global 9/30/2022
Country Pond Watershed Based Plan 11/30/2020
Developing Best Practices for Rehabilitation of Concrete with Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Overlays Related 2/28/2021
Distribution System Disinfectant Study 4/29/2020
DoD CRREL Testing Services Contract 6/12/2020
EAGER: PERR: Development of a Contest-based Crowdsourcing Scheme for Public Water Quality Monitoring 12/31/2020
Early Age Cracking in Concrete Bridge Curbs SPR Project # 26962P 12/31/2019
Expansion of BISON Capabilities to Predict the Dynamic Response of Irradiated Fuel Rods 9/30/2021
Great Bay Pollution Tracking and Accounting Pilot Project (PTAPP): Phase 3 6/30/2020
Great Bay Waterbody-Watershed Nitrogen Non-Point Source Study Implementation: Phase 3 12/31/2020
Green Infrastructure Restoration and Resiliency for Linear Transportation 12/31/2019
Improved Practices for Determining the Infiltration Characteristics of Soil for Design of Stormwater BMPs (SPR#26962U) 6/30/2021
Increasing Resilience and Reducing Risk Through Nature-Based Coastal Infrastructure 9/30/2020
Influence of Microbial Membranes on Biofilm Formation, Scaling Reactions, and Production Chemistry 9/14/2020
Maintenance and Monitoring Program Update for Subsurface Gravel Wetland BMP Retrofits on Cape Cod 9/30/2020
Mechanistic Load Restriction Decision Platform for Pavement Systems Prone to Moisture Variations 7/31/2021
Monitoring a Living Shoreline for Wagon Hill Farm 1/31/2021
Monitoring an Engineered Log Jam 4/30/2022
Moultonborough Bay and Winter Harbor 12/1/2020
NH - Invasive Species Detection in Northeast Regional Lakes Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) 12/31/2020
NH Sea Grant 2018-2021 Omnibus 1/31/2022
NH Water Resources Research Center Administrative 6/17/2020
New Technology for Old Problems: Using DNA Methods to Monitor Invasive Species and Biodiversity in Estuarine Systems 4/30/2020
Nutrient Pollution Implementation Planning for UNH and Other Great Bay Communities 12/31/2020
Oil Spill Modeling for Improved Response to Arctic Maritime Spills: The Path Forward 6/30/2020
PFI:BIC: The Living Bridge: The Future of Smart, Sustainable, User-Centered Transportation Infrastructure 7/31/2020
Pall Corp Miscellaneous Projects XVIII 2/29/2020
Photon-Based Methods of Controlling Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria in Drinking Water Storage Tanks 12/31/2020
Product Testing for StormKleener at the UNH Stormwater Center 12/31/2021
RII Track-2 FEC: Strengthening the Scientific Basis for Decision-Making About Dams: Multi-Scale, Coupled-Systems Research on Ecological, Social, and Economic Trade-Offs 7/31/2020
Real-Time Condition Assessment of Structures for Fatigue Monitoring for Decision Making and Asset Management 2/28/2020
Resilience, Reliability, and Externalities of Integrated Centralized and Distributed Water and Energy 8/31/2020
SNEP Technical Assistance 9/30/2020
Satellite Enhanced Snowmelt Flood Predictions in the Red River of the North Basin 12/31/2019
Seismic Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction in Unsaturated Soils 3/31/2021
Spatial Characterization of Snow and Soil Interactions 7/17/2020
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Support IIE-GIRE Awardee 7/1/2020
Taking it to the Streets: Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Philadelphia Communities 9/30/2020
Technology Transfer Center 12/31/2019
Tracking and Attenuating Nutrient Loads from Manure Fertilization 6/30/2020
UNH-JMH, Inc. Disinfection Study 5/31/2020
UV Disinfection Validation 6/30/2022
Ultrahigh-Resolution Analyses of Organic Constituents in Shale Well Fluids and Their Environmental Persistence 6/30/2020
Use of Smart Rocks to Improve Rock Slope Design (SPR#26962Z) 6/30/2021
Using Data Analytics in Forecast Bridge Condition 12/31/2021
VT - Invasive Species Detection in Northeast Regional Lakes Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) 6/30/2020
Value of Aramid (Polymer) Fiber in RAP Mixtures 2/15/2020