Active Grants for the Physics department

Grant Name Close Date
A Simulation Pipeline for the Study of Kilonovae Light Curves & R-Process Nucleosynthesis 2/27/2021
A Spectroscopic Study of Starters, Jets and Gigantic Jets 1/31/2020
An Investigation of the Differential Flow, Anisotropic Heating, and Abundance Variations of Helium in the Solar Wind 3/9/2020
Balloon Observation of Gamma-Ray Glows from Thunderstorms 9/30/2020
C-REX2 In-Situ Measurements of Neutral and Plasma Dynamics Associated with Earth's Cusp-Region Thermospheric Mass Density Anomaly 3/12/2020
C-Rex-2 Addendum: ERPA-Bobs Adding Multipoint Electron Temperature Measurements to CREX-2 Mission 5/10/2020
CRaTER - Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation 3/15/2020
Collaborative Research: A High-Latitude Conjugate Area Array Experiment to Investigate Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling 7/31/2022
Collaborative Research: Observations of High-Energy Radiation Associated with Thunderstorms 4/30/2020
Collaborative Research: Transport Processes Affecting High-Energy Solar Energetic Particles Observe 6/30/2022
Culturally Responsive and Effective Stem Teaching (CREST): Strengthening the Foundation for Teacher Success in High Needs Schools 5/31/2022
Curved Microchannel Plates and Collimators for Spaceflight Mass Spectrometers 8/9/2021
DASI Track 2: Space Weather Underground (SWUG) 12/31/2023
DREAM: Dynamic Response of Environments at Asteroids, the Moon and Moons of Mars 12/31/2019
Diamond Scattering Detectors for Compton Telescopes 12/31/2020
Dynamos, Winds, and Electric Fields in the Daytime Lower Iono-Sphere (Dynamo 2) 10/15/2021
Electromagnetic Studies of Nucleon and Nuclear Structure 12/31/2020
Endurance: Gauging Earth's Polar Wind Ambipolar Electric Field 5/28/2022
Energetic Charged Particle Prototype Instrument with a Novel Synthetic Diamond Cherenkov 8/19/2021
Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity 5/31/2020
Factors that Control the Ion Composition of the Plasma Sheet and Ring Current 10/31/2022
Fields Investigation Phase B-C-D for the MMS Mission 8/30/2020
GEM: The Role of Heavy Ion Outflow in Driving Sawtooth Oscillations 1/31/2020
GEM: The Role of O+ on Onset and Energy Release in the Earth's Magnetotail 8/31/2020
GEM: What Determines the Magnetosphere Plasma Entropy Distribution 8/31/2020
Gamma-Ray Flares and Hard X-Ray Variations in the Crab Nebula Since 1991 3/26/2020
IBEX Operation 3/23/2021
IMAP-Lo Instrument Development 12/31/2019
ISIS Science Operations Center on the Solar Probe Plus (SPP) Mission 12/31/2019
Improved Data Products for FAST TEAMS 1/31/2020
Improving WDMApp Performance 6/30/2023
Instabilities Driven by Anisotropic Ion and electron Beams in the Solar Wind: Analytical Theory, Numerical Simulations, and In-Situ Observations 5/31/2020
Integration of Extended MHD and Kinetic Effects in Global Magnetoshere Codes 2/27/2020
Interaction of Extended MHD and Kinetic Effects in Global Magnetosphere Models 5/15/2020
Interstallar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) Operations Support and Science Analysis 11/30/2019
Investigation of the Role of Force Balance in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling 6/25/2021
Kelvin-Helmholtz Waves at Earth's Magnetosphere 3/15/2021
KiNET-X: Kinetic-scale Energy and Momentum Transport Experiment 4/30/2021
Laser Range Finder Project 7/1/2020
Loss Through Auroral Microburst Pulsations (LAMP) 5/21/2021
Low Voltage, Ultra-Compact Plasma Spectrometer: Phase2 6/30/2022
MIGSI Sensor 8/31/2020
MRI: Acquisition of a Computer Cluster for the Study of Fluids, Heliophysics, and Astrophysical Plasma 8/31/2022
Multi-Spacecraft Observational Study and MHD Modeling of ICMEs Observed in Conjuction 6/30/2020
NSF IUSE: Collaborative Research: Community Sourcing Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences 8/31/2020
Nagoya University Visiting Scientist 3/31/2022
New Insights into SEP Sources, Acceleration, and Propagation: An Integrated Observation-Modeling Approach 12/31/2023
New Techniques for Neutron Spectrometers 3/30/2020
Non-Maxwellian Distribution Functions in the Solar Wind: Dispersion Relations and Instabilities 3/16/2020
Nuclear Astrophysics Through Simulations of Neutron Star Mergers Using Monte-Carlo Neutrino Radiation 8/31/2020
Optimization of the GRAPE Polarimeter Design 12/31/2019
Parametric Instability in the Inner Heliosphere 4/14/2022
Physical Origins of Suprathermal Ion Populations Throughout the Heliosphere 7/31/2020
Production and Propagation of Energetic and LF-VLF Radio Waves Associated with Terrestrial Gamma Rays 9/29/2020
RII Track-2 FEC: Harnessing the Data Revolution for the Quantum Leap: From Quantum Control to Quantum Materials 7/31/2020
RII Track-2 FEC: Harnessing Big Data to Improve Understanding and Predictions 10/31/2019
Rejuvenation of the UNH Neutron Monitor Network 6/30/2020
Revealing the Role of Inhomogeneities and disorder in 2D Materials: Correlating Transport with Spatial and Electronic Topography 6/30/2020
Scanned Probe Microscopy Studies of MoS2 Catalysis on Insulating Substrates: Impact of Substrate, Strain, and Defects 8/31/2020
Simulating the Multi-Messenger Emission from Merging Neutron Stars 7/31/2021
Solar Probe Plus FIELDS Experiment, Phase A 9/30/2025
Solar Wind Observations at Quadrature 9/14/2020
Storm Enhanced Density, Tongues of Ionization and Sub Auroral Polarization Streams 9/25/2021
Structure of the Solar Wind and its Coupling to the Earth's Magnetosphere: Insights from Wind 7/31/2020
Studies of Atmospheric Albedo Neutrons and Gamma Rays with CGRO/COMPTEL 6/30/2020
Substorm Impacts on Ion Composition in the Near-Earth Plasma Sheet 10/31/2020
Synthesis of 3-D Coronal-Solar Wind Energetic Particle Acceleration (C-SWEPA) Modules 3/25/2020
The Development of a Low-Energy Compton Imager for GRB Polarization Studies 2/24/2023
The Finishers Program: A Cohesive Support System From High School Through College 12/31/2022
The Origin of HF and VHF Radio Emissions from Lighting 5/31/2022
Themis-Time History Events/Macroscale Interactions 12/31/2019
Theoretical High Energy Physics at the University of New Hampshire 5/31/2020
Topological Spin Textures in Chiral Magnets: From 2D to 3D 8/31/2020
Transient Phenomena of the Outer Low-Latitude Magnetosphere from Multipoint Observations 10/22/2021
ULF Data Processing 8/31/2020
Understanding Impulse Propagation Time in the Magnetosphere 2/28/2020
Understanding Ion Heating and Convection Using TWINS and SWMF 6/10/2020
Understanding and Predicting the Space Weather Impact of Extreme Solar Storms 8/14/2022
What are Plasma Sources for the Long-Lived Plasmaspheric Drainage Plumes? 11/9/2019