Active Grants for the Space Science Center (UZSPSC) department

Grant Name Close Date
A multi-instrument study of dipolarization events accompanied by large electric fields in the inner magnetosphere 2/28/2025
Collaborative Research: Studies of ULF Waves and Support for the MICA 8/31/2026
Heavy Ion Sensor for the European Space Agency Mission - Solar Orbiter 4/30/2028
Investigating the Structure of Coronal Magnetic Eruptions Through Comprehensive Data Analysis 3/31/2025
LEADER 11/21/2024
Low-Temperature Comparative Planetology: Pore-cale Dynamics with Planetary Scale Implications 8/31/2024
Magnetometer for the Space Weather Follow-on (SWFO) - L1 Mission 6/30/2026
New Hampshire NASA EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Development Program (2022-2027) 5/5/2027
Rocket Experiment for Neutral Upwelling 3 (RENU 3) 4/30/2025
Simulating radio wave propagation and scintillations through the turbulent ionosphere 6/13/2025
The role of O+ on reconnection onset in the Earth's magnetotail 9/7/2024
Understanding the Intrinsic Structure and Evolution of Coronal Mass Ejections 12/15/2024