Active Grants for the Earth Systems Research Center (UZESRC) department

Grant Name Close Date
A Lengthening Vernal Window: How Vernal Asynchronies in Energy, Water, and Carbon Fluxes Impact Ecosystem Function 7/31/2020
A Multi-Model, Multi-Scale Research Program in Stressors, Responses, and Coupled Dynamics at the Energy-Water-Land-Nexus 7/31/2020
Agency Map Viewers Pilot Project 6/30/2020
Assessing the Contribution of Small Streams to Use and Non-Use Water Quality Values Using Modeling, Stakeholder Participation and Decision Theory 3/31/2021
Coastal Basin DFIRMS: FY10 RiskMAP Activities 2/28/2020
Collaborative Proposal: RUI: MSB-FRA: Peat Expansion in Arctic Tundra - Pattern, Process, and the Implication for the Carbon Cycle in a Changing Climate (TundraPEAT) 7/31/2023
Collaborative Research: AON: The Arctic Great Rivers Observatory (ArcticGRO) 8/31/2024
Collaborative Research: Forest Water Use and the Influence of Acid Deposition 5/31/2020
Collaborative Research: Improving Research Coordination for Summit Station and the Dry-Snow Zone 7/31/2022
Collaborative Research: MSB-FRA: Improved Understanding of Feedbacks Between Ecosystem Phenology and the Weather-Climate Nexus at Local-to-Continental Scales 7/31/2022
Collaborative Research: Quantifying the Impact of Radiation Belt Electron Precipitation on Atmospheric NOx and O3 8/31/2020
Collaborative Research: Sea-Level Rise, Coastal Wetland Expansion, and Proglacial Lake Contributions 8/31/2022
Collaborative Research: Water and Energy Fluxes to the Arctic Ocean Using Tree-Ring Data and Hydrological Modeling 7/31/2022
Comprehensive Plan for Resilient Salt Marshes in New Hampshire 6/30/2020
Data Lifecycle Framework & Global Geospatial Identification System Project 9/30/2020
Dynamics and Modeling of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Grasslands and Croplands Under Changing Microbes, Climate, Livestock Grazing and Manure Application 2/29/2020
Ecosystem Carbon Indicators for the US National Climate Assessment 3/15/2020
From Archea to the Atmosphere: Integrating Microbial, Isotopic and Landscape-Scale Observations to Quantify Methane Emissions from Global High-Latitude Ecosystems 4/19/2020
GLOBE Student Research Symposia (GLOBE SRS): Building Capacity & Community 10/15/2020
GRANIT FY20-21 6/30/2021
High Mountain Asia and Beyond: Regional Changes in Climate, Glaciers and Water Resources 10/25/2020
INFEWS-T3: Social-Ecological-Technological Solutions to waste Reuse in Food, Energy, and Water Systems (REFEWS) 8/1/2020
Ice Drilling Program Office 10/31/2019
Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO) 10/31/2020
Illumilnating the Pathways to Carbon Liberation: A Systems Approach to Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Patterns of Carbon Transformation and Loss from Thawing Permafrost Peatlands 8/14/2020
Integrating Field Experiments, Remote Sensing, and Process-Based Modeling Toward Improved Understanding and Quantification of Watershed Scale Carbon Cycling 4/30/2020
Interdisciplinary Research with Data from SeaWinds on QuikSCAT and Other Scatterometers: Assessing Patterns and Rates of Global Urban Growth 7/24/2022
LTER: Long-Term Ecological Research at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest 2/28/2023
LTER: Synthesis of Long-Term Studies of How Multiple Human and Biophysical Factors Interact to Drive 11/30/2021
Luquillo CZO 11/30/2020
Maintaining and Enhancing the NH Coastal Viewer 6/30/2020
NASA Earth Venture Atmospheric Tomography (ATom) Mission 3/31/2020
NEON PhenoCam Network Proposal to Archive, Process and Serve NEON Digital Camera Imagery 10/31/2019
NH GRANIT LIDAR Data Management 6/30/2020
New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium Training Program 2/9/2020
PESaLTERs Project: Public Engagement Fellow 7/31/2020
PREP Monitoring Collaborative 12/31/2020
RII Track-4 Next Generation Climate Modeling of Winter Climate in the United States 9/30/2020
RII Track-4: Winter Weather Whiplash and its Impacts on Socio-Ecological Systems 9/30/2020
Scenarios of Global Diets and the Impact on Land and Water Resources 12/31/2019
Sensor Network Research and Information Management for Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest and Smart Forests Network 6/30/2023
Task: Science Management of the National Science Foundation – Ice Core Facility (NSF-ICF-SMO) 7/18/2020
The Missing Link: How Does Climate Affect Human Conflict and Cooperation Through Water 10/31/2021
Tracking Nitrogen Oxides Emissions and Nitrate Formation in Biomass Burning Plumes 6/30/2020
UNH SAGA Contribution to DC-8 Payload for FIREChem 3/12/2021
University of New Hampshire Urban FIA Analytical Assistance 8/9/2023
University of New Hampshire Urban FIA Partnership 12/31/2021
Using Science, Building Social Capital, and Unpacking Tax Incentives for a Resilient Coastal NH 3/31/2020