Active Grants for the Ocean Process Analysis Lab (UZOPAL) department

Grant Name Close Date
Assessing the Impacts of Surface Waves on SWOT Measurements 6/3/2024
Assessment of the Observing Network to Identify Processes Relevant to the Predictability of the Coas. 8/31/2021
CISESS: Multi Sensor Air-Sea Interaction Studies Using the Satellite Altimeter with Additional Work to Help Develop Fully-Focused SAR Altimetry for Oceanographic Applications 7/31/2021
Collaborative Research: A New System for Air-Sea CO2 Flux Measurements from Moored and Unmanned Surface Platforms 8/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Investigations of Wind-Driven Exchange and Long-Wave Modulation of Surface Fluxes Under Strong Wind Conditions Using OOI Data 9/30/2021
Collaborative Research: Organic Alkalinity: Impacts of the (OTHER) Alkalinity on Estuary and Coastal Ocean Chemistry 1/31/2022
Creating an Extended and Coherent ESDR of the Ocean Surface Winds, Stress and Their Dynamically-Significant Derivatives for the Period 1999-2022 6/30/2023
Enhancing Coastal Intelligence for the US Caribbean, The Caribbean Coastal Observing System 5/31/2021
Improvement and Technology Transition of the Northeast Coastal Ocean Forecast System 8/31/2021
Integrating Altimetry and Coastal Ocean Observing Systems for Coastal Circulation Applications at Multiple Temporal and Spatial Scales 3/2/2021
Integrating Autonomous Field Observations with an Operational Remote Sensing NOAA Product for Improving the Detection of Harmful Algae Blooms in Lake Erie 8/6/2021
Investigating Interannual Freshwater Variability Along the NW Atlantic Shelf Using Satellite Salinity Data 4/19/2021
Low pH in the Coastal Waters of the Gulf of Maine: What are the Sources and Vulnerabilities to Coastal Communities 8/31/2021
MBON Expansion into the Gulf of Maine: The Integrated Sentinel Monitoring Network 8/31/2022
NERACOOS: The Integrated Ocean Observing System for the northeast Region 5/31/2021
New Techniques for Resolving Fine-Scale Coupling Between the Ocean and Atmosphere Using Global Ocean Radar Backscatter Data 3/31/2021
Ocean Acidifications Thresholds 8/31/2021
Optimizing Ocean Acidification Observations for Model Parameterization in the Coupled Slope Water 8/31/2021
Quantifying the Role of Salinity in NW Atlantic Shelf Circulation Dynamics 4/30/2023
RII Track-2 FEC: Single Cell Genome-to-Phenome: Integrating Genome and Phenome Analyses of 7/31/2022
The Geosynchronous Littoal Imaging and Monitoring Radiometer (GLIMR) 3/31/2021
Using Ocean Surface Imagery to Estimate Atmospheric Boundary Layer Stability 3/23/2021
Using Remote Sensing and Field Investigations of Suspended Sediments to Determine the Role of Re-suspension Events on Nutrient Dynamics and Phytoplankton Responses in Western Lake Erie 11/16/2021