Active Grants for the Marine Sciences & Ocean Engineering (UZMSOE) department

Grant Name Close Date
2021-22 NOAA Great Bay System Wide Monitoring Program 12/31/2022
Advancement of Composite Lines to Mitigate the Risk of Marine Mammal Entanglement in Kelp Aquaculture Structures 11/12/2023
An Atlantic Marine Energy Center (AMEC) for Advancing the Marine Renewable Energy Industry and Powering the Blue Economy 3/31/2023
Appledore Star Island Education Internship 12/31/2022
Assessing Effectiveness of Runnel Restoration in Salt Marsh Habitats 5/31/2026
Assessments and Prioritization of Road Crossings in Critical Wildlife Corridors to Advance Restoration for Wetland Connectivity in New Hampshire 9/30/2023
B2S Industry Challenge: Enhancing Economic Opportunity for Isolated Coastal and Island Communities through Resilient Energy-Water Microgrid Systems 9/30/2023
Biophysical Drivers of Sedimentation in Salt Marsh Environments with Implications for Coastal Resiliency 9/27/2024
Building Coastal Resilience for the Broader Great Marsh System of NH ad MA 7/31/2025
Coordinated Ocean Energy Expertise for Northeast Coastal Stakeholders: New Hampshire 2/29/2024
Decadal trends in organic carbon stocks in a changing Arctic Ocean: multi sensor approach 3/31/2023
Detecting Impacts from Climate Change across Multiple Scales: A National Salt Marsh Synthesis 1/31/2024
FFY 2020 and FY2021 PREP WORKPLAN (YEAR 25) 6/30/2023
Impacts of Changing Sea-Ice Regimes on Arctic Ocean Biology 8/31/2023
Impacts of Changing Sec Ice Regimes on Artic Ocean Biology 9/30/2023
Kents Island Monitoring 12/31/2022
NH Sea Grant 2018-2021 Omnibus 1/31/2024
NH Sea Grant Omnibus 2022-2024 1/31/2024
NHDES field season 2021 12/31/2022
Ocean Color Remote Sensing of Arctic Oceans 1/31/2023
PREP Monitoring Collaborative 12/31/2025
RII Track-4: NSF: Towards tracking organic carbon cycling in a changing Arctic Ocean 1/31/2024
Resilience and positive feedbacks: Water quality management and eelgrass health in the Great Bay Estuary, NH/ME 9/30/2024
Restoring New England's Largest Saltmarsh: Multi-Benefit Resiliency Enhancement 12/31/2022
Retrieval of Coastal and Inland Water Inherent Optical Properties based on Scientific Machine Learning Methods and Comprehensive Radiative Transfer Simulations 1/31/2023
Salt Marsh Pool Runnels in Essex Bay 12/31/2022
Sustainable US Cleanerfish production: developing a lumpfish broodstock program 11/30/2023
Understanding the Cross-Roads of Human and Ecosystem Health: Back Bay Shellfish Farms as a Model for Studying Coastal Ecosystems Feedbacks Systems 12/11/2022
White and Seavey Islands Tern Colony Program 2021-2022 Field Seasons 3/31/2023