Active Grants for the Tenure Faculty (CHHS) department

Grant Name Close Date
An Academic and Health Care Partnership To Expand Opiate Use Disorder Treatment, Access and Quality Using Telehealth 9/29/2021
Engaging Urban and Rural Welsh with Mental Health Services: Examining Stigma, Barriers, and Facilitators of Treatment. 8/31/2020
Enhancing New Hampshire's Quality Recognition and Improvement System: Impacts of Coaching 1/31/2021
Enhancing and Improving the Engagement of Jewish Houstonians and Israelis in Mental Health and Suicide Treatment and Services. 8/31/2020
Family Connections 2020 12/31/2020
Harm Reduction Education and Technical Assistance for New Hampshire 8/30/2020
How Does Health Interface with Living Arrangements? 5/31/2021
Job Crafting Intervention for People with Disabilities 9/29/2020
Ktisis Planning Grant 9/30/2020
Lamprey HRSA Fellowship 6/30/2023
NATSAP FY17-19 6/30/2021
NH Sea Grant 2018-2021 Omnibus 1/31/2022
National Visitor Use Monitoring (NVUM) 12/31/2020
Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center 12/31/2020
PDG Implementation Renewal Grant 12/30/2020
Preschool Development Grant Birth Through Five (PDG B-5) 12/30/2020
Rand-Stearns Professorship 9/30/2020
Robust Learning of Sequential Motion from Human Demonstrations 12/31/2021
Rutgers University Region 2 Prevention Technology Transfer Center 9/29/2020
Teen Fatherhood Program 6/30/2021
The UNH Department of Nursing and Institute for Health Policy and Practice, New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative: Partnership for Academic Clinical Telepractice (PACT) 6/30/2023
Title IVE Continuation- Education Tuition Partnership 6/30/2021
UNH Rural Distance-Learning Capacity Increase and TeleECHO Infrastructure Development 10/29/2021
UNH Sports Inclusion-Malawi IU YES Africa 9/1/2020
US Forest Service: Green Mountain National Forest-National Visitor Use Monitoring Program 12/31/2020