Active Grants for the Tenure Faculty (COLSA) department

Grant Name Close Date
"Proteomic Approaches to Determine the Chondrocytic Competence of MSC Preparations" 10/12/2021
A Comprehensive Framework for Modeling Emissions from Tropical Soils & Wetlands 12/31/2021
A Multi-regional approach to balancing milk and forage quality tradeoffs in organic dairies 8/31/2024
Accelerating Implementation of Algae-Feed for Dairy Cows 6/30/2021
Adapting to Climate Risk on Working Lands: Information and Outreach 6/5/2024
Advancing Grass-Fed Dairy: A Whole Systems Approach to Enhancing Productivity and Farm Viability 8/31/2022
Advancing the Development of Seed-Propagated Strawberry Varieties 8/31/2021
After the Bottleneck: Tapping Wild Wheat for Yield Improvement 8/31/2021
All Microbes Must Die: Investigating the Mechanisms of Microbial Mortality in the Ocean 9/14/2021
Application of Antifreeze Proteins and Mimetic Peptides in Anti-Icing Surface Coating 11/30/2021
Assessing Insect Communities Along a Gradient from Urban Forests to Old-Growth Reserves 7/31/2023
Assessing Microbial Safety Issues Associated with Emerging Shellfish Aquaculture Practices to Increase Productivity in the Northeast US 8/31/2022
Assessing the Ecological Effectiveness of Hurricane Sandy Marsh Restoration 12/31/2021
Assisted migration: A viable silvicultural technique for facilitating adaptation of Northern Forest tree 4/30/2024
BII- Implementation: The EMERGE Institute, integrating research and training to characterize EMergent Ecosystem Response to ChanGE 8/31/2022
Bioinformatics "Train the Trainer" (T3): the integration of bioinformatics into an undergraduate biology curriculum 6/30/2022
Building Resilience in the Northeast through Double Cropping and Diverse Forage Crop Mixtures 8/31/2021
Building a Comprehensive Training Program for Developing and Sustaining the Ocean Acoustics Workforce 5/31/2024
Center of Integrated Biomedical and Bioengineering Research (CIBBR) Year 4 5/31/2021
Collab Proposal:MRA:Linking Land-to-Water Transport & Stream Carbon Cycling to Inform Macrosystem Carbon Balance 2/28/2023
Collab Proposal:MSA:Controls on Coupled Nitrogen & Carbon Cycles of Watersheds Across Eco-Regions 12/31/2022
Collaborative Research: Adding Animals to the Equation: Linking Observational, Experimental and Modeling Approaches to Assess Herbivore Impacts on Carbon Cycling in Northern Alaska 9/30/2021
Collaborative Research: Dimensions: Evolutionary Ecology of Sponges and Their Microbiomes 9/30/2021
Collaborative Research: Expanding the List of Determinants of Rates of Protein Evolution and Dissecting Their Molecular Bases 7/31/2022
Collaborative Research: Implications of bacterially driven cross-kingdom chemical interactions 4/30/2024
Collaborative Research: LTREB: Soil Warming and Forest Ecosystem Feedbacks to the Climate System 3/31/2025
Collaborative Research: Network Cluster: Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry in the Critical Zone 8/31/2025
Collaborative Research: Permafrost–Climate Feedbacks 12/31/2023
Collaborative Research: RUI: Biogenesis and Evolution of Hagfish Slime and slime glands 7/31/2022
Collaborative Research: Research Coordination Network for Hurricane Ecosystem Response Synthesis 12/31/2024
Combinatorial Decitabine and Liposomal Ceramide for Acute Myeloid Leukemia 7/31/2022
Culturally Responsive and Effective Stem Teaching (CREST): Strengthening the Foundation for Teacher Success in High Needs Schools 5/31/2022
Defining Stream Biomes to Better Understand and Forecast Stream Ecosystem Change 8/31/2021
Determining the Effectiveness of the Clean Air Act and Amendments on the Recovery of Surface Water 5/28/2021
Developing Advanced Perennial Legume-Grass Mixtures Harvested as Stored Feeds to Improve herd Productivity and Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Organic Dairies in the Northeast 8/31/2021
Developing a Model For Predicting Jersey Cow Colostrum Yield and Quality 2/1/2022
Developing and testing a novel tap design for increasing sugarbush sap yields and sustainability through research, extension, and producer partnerships 9/29/2023
Developing and testing a novel tap designs for increasing sap yield and sugarbush sustainability through research-extension-industry partnerships 10/31/2023
Dietary Quality, Cognitive Decline and Brain Health in Puerto Rican Adults 5/31/2021
Dietary Quality, Cognitive Decline, and Brain Health in Puerto Rican Adults 5/31/2022
Does Dietary Cation-Anion Difference Affect Colostrum Yield and Quality in Multiparous Jersey Cows 6/1/2022
EPO Regulated Eythropoiesis 2/28/2022
Ecophysical Genomics of Fat Oxidation and Renal-Protection During Acute Dehydration 6/30/2021
Effects of Stress Factors on Molecular and Biochemical Aspects of Forest Trees and Microbes 7/20/2022
Effects of environmental and biotic stress factors on molecular and biochemical aspects of forest trees and related changes in soil chemistry and microbes in Forests 6/30/2022
Efficacy Testing LALGUARD Systemic Insecticide 7/31/2021
Enhancing long-term and real-time monitoring of Lamprey River at Wiswall Falls, Durham, NH 8/31/2021
Enhancing the PnET-CN Model to Simulate Forest Dynamics Along the Eastern US 5/15/2022
Enhancing the Sustainability of US Cropping Systems Through Cover Crops and an Innovative Information and Technology Network 8/31/2024
Environmental DNA Lake Assesments of New England Lakes- Harmful Algal Blooms 8/31/2021
Epigenetic Barriers to Tropoblast Differentiation from Pluripotent Stem Cells 11/30/2021
Epigenetic Regulation of WM Biology 9/15/2021
Establishing Gene Editing in Genetically Intractable Microbes Involved in Plant-Microbe Interactions 8/31/2022
Establishing the Sea Grant Striped Bass Aquaculture Hub (StriperHub): Commercialization, Economic, and Marketing 1/31/2023
Evaluating Novel Methods to Promote Disease Resistance During Post-Production 9/30/2021
Expanding No-Till Organic Vegetable Production Through the Combination of High-Residue Cover Crops 6/30/2021
Expanding a New England Green Crab Pilot Fishery by Providing a Soft-Shell Assay and Identifying Seasonal Aggregations for Harvest 12/31/2023
FFY 2019 and FY2020 PREP WORKPLAN (YEAR 24) 12/31/2021
FY 2019 PREP Workplan (Year 23) 12/31/2021
Farm Entry and Persistence 8/31/2021
Finding Synergy; Improving Biopesticide Efficacy of Apple Diseases Through Co-application with Natural Products 10/31/2022
Functional Diversity, Rehabilitation, and Ecosystem Service Resilience in the Northern Forest 4/30/2024
GCR: Collaborative Research: The Convergent Facilitation of Viruses, Minerals, and Microscale Physics on Phytoplankton Carbon Sequestration 9/30/2025
Genome-Guided Approaches Toward Serratia Pathogenesis 8/31/2021
Genomic Tools for Understanding Metapopulation Connectivity of the White Mountains Fritillary: a Pilot Study 1/31/2022
Graduate Assistantship, PhD Program in Biochemistry 8/30/2021
Hagfish slime gland evolution 12/1/2021
Harnessing evolution to reveal the molecular logic of kinetochore wiring 8/31/2021
Harvesting Sap and Producing Syrup From Trees Other Than Maples, Birches, and Walnuts 11/30/2021
IRES: Track I: Andean-Amazonian Watershed Experience: Exploring 8/31/2023
Innate immunity of commensal microbiota 6/30/2021
Integrated Understanding of American Ash Resistance to the Emerald Ash Borer Across Tree Sizes 8/19/2021
Integrated Understanding of Ash Resistance and Emamectin Benzoate 8/19/2021
Integration of Natural Products to Enhance Efficacy of Fungicides for Control of Summer Fruit Rots 9/29/2022
Interactive Effects of Catchment and Climate Change on Water Quality 7/31/2021
LTER-Plum Island Ecosystems: Dynamics of a Coastal Ecosystem in a Region of Rapid Climate Change 9/30/2022
LTER: From Microbes to Macrosystems 2/28/2022
LTER: Long-Term Ecological Research at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest 2/28/2023
LiDAR- Enabled Monitoring on the White Mountain National Forest 9/30/2022
Linking Small Mammals and Mycorrhizal Fungi to Forest Regeneration 5/14/2022
Luquillo CZO 11/30/2021
MRI: Acquisition of a 700 MHz High Field NMR Spectrometer 9/30/2021
MSF-FRA: The Influence of Biological Diversity on Land-Atmosphere Exchange in Forests: Confronting Theory with Data 10/31/2021
Mapping Forest Type and Structure from Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Imagery 9/30/2021
Melissa Bauer: Grant-in-Aid of Research 5/18/2021
Melissa Bauer: Grant-in-Aid of Research 8/31/2021
Microbiome of Opioid Addiction 5/31/2021
Models Collaborative Research EaSM-3: Decadal Prediction of Sustainable Agriculture and Forest Management-Earth System Prediction Differs From Climate Prediction. 5/14/2021
Monitoring Productivity on Permanent Plots on the White Mountain National Forest 5/31/2021
NH CREATES the Future: The NH Collaborative for Regenerative Medicine Education and Training for Engineers and Scientists of the Future 8/31/2021
NH Sea Grant 2018-2021 Omnibus 1/31/2023
NH Water Resources Research Center Administrative 12/31/2021
NH-INBRE Bioinformatics and Genomics Core 6/30/2021
NSF Bio Oc- Nutritional ecology of climate change: Impacts on Northwest Atlantic fishes 8/31/2023
NSF Includes DDLP: Advanced Partnerships Broadening Participation in NH's Workforce 8/31/2021
Neuronal Primary Cilia and Cognitive Disorders 3/31/2024
Northeastern States Research Cooperative 4/30/2025
Northeastern States Research Cooperative Theme 2 6/1/2022
Northern Forest Response to Disturbance 6/15/2022
Northern New England Regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (NNE-JSHS) 7/30/2021
OPUS: CRS, Biogeochemical responses to interacting global change drivers and feedbacks to the climate system 3/31/2023
Old-Growth Forests Dynamics and Structure 4/30/2022
Optimized Management Strategies To Support Bioenergy Feedstock Yield And Ecosystem Services In 4/30/2023
PREP Monitoring Collaborative 12/31/2021
Pathways to Professions in the Biosciences Program 11/30/2024
Population and Habitat Assessment of the Endangered Blanding's Turtle, an Indicator of Environmental Health 12/31/2022
Productivity and Mortality of Moose in Northern New Hampshire 8/30/2021
RAPID: Impacts of Godzilla dust cloud on a tropical forest 7/31/2021
RII Track-2: Computational Methods and Autonomous Robotics Systems for Modeling and Predicting 7/31/2021
RII Track-2: Leveraging Intelligent Infomatics & Smart Data for Improved Understanding (INSPIRES) 7/31/2021
RII Track-2FEC: Genomic Ecology of Coastal Organisms (GECO): A Systems-based Research and Training Program in Genome-Phenome Relationships in the Wild 7/31/2022
RPA-Directed Repair of DNA Damage in Plants 7/31/2021
Real-time Detection of Glutamate using Templated Polymers as Shape-Changing Target Receptors 12/31/2023
Red Pine Fire Ecology on the White Mountain National Forest 5/30/2022
Remote Acoustic Biomonitoring and Habitat Modeling of the Prairie Mole Cricket in Oklahoma 6/30/2021
Renewing an Agriculture of the Middle: Value Chain Design, Policy Approaches, Environmental and Social Impacts 9/30/2023
Resilience and Vulnerability of Acer Saccharum to Drought, Defoliators, and Tapping: Stress Tresholds 5/31/2022
Seed Grant: Relationship Between Ruminal Microbiome and Methane Emissions 2/28/2022
SitS: FroSen: Novel soil frost sensing systems for tracking freeze -thaw cycles and their implications for ecosystem carbon and nutrient dynamics 2/14/2025
Small Mammal Population and Community Dynamics in Northern Forests 6/30/2022
Small mammals as forest architects: exploring the role of rodents in mycorrhizal mushroom dispersal 6/30/2021
Southern New England Regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (NNE-JSHS) 7/30/2021
StateView Program Development and Operations for the State of New Hampshire 9/17/2021
Stock Enhancement of the NH Rainbow Smelt Resource 12/31/2021
Supplementing Sodium Butyrate and Monensin to Limit-Fed Heifers: Effects on growth, health, nutrient digestibility, and in vitro anti-coccidial activity 10/31/2022
Survival, recruitment, and movement patterns of white-tailed deer in Missouri 6/30/2021
Targeted Sphingolipid Metabolism for Treatment of AML 5/31/2021
The "Who" and "How" of Microbial Control Over Soil Carbon Dynamics 8/14/2021
The Impact of SNAP-Ed on Dietary Quality, Food Safety Handling Behaviors, and Insulin Resistance among Bhutanese Adults Residing in New Hampshire 8/19/2021
The Influence of Canopy Structure and Foliar Chemistry on Remote Sensing Observations 9/30/2021
The Structure-Activity Relationship of a Macro-Cycle with Antifreeze Properties 1/31/2022
Title: The functional significance of the soil microbiome in New Hampshire’s agriculture: harnessing the power of genomics and ecological theory 9/30/2022
Transforming STEM Gateway Teaching and Learning through Interdisciplinary Practices 9/30/2024
Understanding Survivability, Activity Patterns and Reproductive Success of Nicrophorus Americanus 7/31/2021
University of Puerto Rico Long-Term Ecological Research 1/31/2025
Walleye Triploidy Testing 3/31/2025