Active Grants for the Research Faculty (COLSA) department

Grant Name Close Date
2018 - 19 DES Shellfish Vibrio Analysis 12/31/2019
Advancing the Development of Seed-Propagated Strawberry Varieties 8/31/2020
Assessing Microbial Safety Issues Associated with Emerging Shellfish Aquaculture Practices to Increase Productivity in the Northeast US 8/31/2021
Cutts Cove Living Shoreline and Temporary Impacts Monitoring 12/31/2021
Deciphering the Role of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) in Stream Nutrient Cycling 4/30/2020
Determining Bioavailability of 2 RP-Lys Prototype Using the In Vivo Plasma Dose-Response Method 12/31/2019
Determining Natal Sources of Adult Winter Flounder in the GOM and SNE/MA Stocks: Tracking Fish Using Otolith Chemical Signatures as natural Tags 4/30/2020
Determining Plasma Lys Concentrations From RP-Lysine Using the Plasma Dose Response Technique 12/31/2019
Determining the Effectiveness of UNIKE on Mycotoxin Contaminated Feed Fed to Lactating Dairy Cows 5/31/2020
Developing strategies to minimize sea lice infestation in cage cultured steelhead trout and advancing lumpfish aquaculture 9/30/2021
FY18 Comprehensive Monitoring CPA with NHDES 12/31/2019
Florida FWC 2019 Apalachicola Oyster Reef Mapping 6/30/2020
GB NERR Salt Marsh Resilience Plan 6/30/2020
HRF Soundview Oyster Reef Monitoring 9/30/2022
Improving Hatchery Techniques of Lumpfish to Control Sea Lice 12/31/2020
Increasing Resilience and Reducing Risk Through Nature-Based Coastal Infrastructure 9/30/2020
Inventory of Barriers in the Northeast that Limit the Aquaculture Industry 9/30/2019
Lamprey River Water Quality Monitoring Program for the Town of Newmarket 3/31/2022
Litter Quality and Stream Food Webs: Understanding Interactions Between Microbes and Invertebrates 7/31/2020
Monitoring Seaweed Abundance and Seagrass Health in 2019 in the Great Bay Estuary 6/30/2020
Monitoring a Living Shoreline for Wagon Hill Farm 1/31/2021
Optimized Management Strategies To Support Bioenergy Feedstock Yield And Ecosystem Services In 4/30/2023
Oyster Culture and Harvest Practices to Reduce Pathogenic Vibrio Parahaemolyticus Concentrations in the Northeast US 11/30/2019
Oyster Reef Restoration in Great Bay in 2019 1/15/2020
PREP Monitoring Collaborative 12/31/2020
Pilot Ditch Plug Removal to Improve Marsh Resilience 11/30/2019
RPA-Directed Repair of DNA Damage in Plants 7/31/2020
Reducing Uncertainty in the Data-Poor Assessment of Atlantic Wolffish (Anarhichas Lupus) 2/29/2020
Research on the Ecological Health of James Bay 6/30/2020
Science-Based Rehabilitation of New Hampshire's Forests Through Targeted Outreach to Landowners in Key Watersheds 3/31/2020
Shaping MSn Technology for High Impact Glycan Sequencing 7/31/2020
TNC ARM Oyster Reef Monitoring 2018-2020 2/15/2021
Thin Layer Sediment Placement: Evaluative an Adaptation Strategy to Enhance Coastal Marsh Resiliency Across the NERRS 10/31/2019