Active Grants for the Tenure Faculty (CEPS) department

Grant Name Close Date
2014-2017 NH Sea Grant Omnibus 8/31/2019
A Coupled System for Predicting SPE Fluxes 9/10/2019
A Coupled System for Predicting SPE Fluxes 9/20/2019
A Platform Holly Seep Acoustic Observatory 8/31/2019
A Simulation Pipeline for the Study of Kilonovae Light Curves & R-Process Nucleosynthesis 2/27/2021
A Spectroscopic Study of Starters, Jets and Gigantic Jets 1/31/2020
ASV Exploration 7/31/2019
Advancing Submerged Mussel Farming Technologies to Alleviate Eider Duck Predation 8/31/2019
An Integrated Stormwater Management Approach for Promoting 3/27/2020
An Investigation of the Differential Flow, Anisotropic Heating, and Abundance Variations of Helium in the Solar Wind 3/9/2020
Application of Antifreeze Proteins and Mimetic Peptides in Anti-Icing Surface Coating 11/30/2020
AquaShield Testing 11/30/2019
Assessment of Embedded Culvert Low Flow Hydraulics 4/30/2021
Asymptotic and Spectral Analysis of Energy Harvesting Models 7/31/2021
Asymptotic and Spectral Results and Control Problems for Aeroelastic Energy Harvesting Models 7/30/2021
Auroral Current and Electrodynamics Structure (ACES) Sounding Rocket Experiment II 8/31/2019
Balloon Observation of Gamma-Ray Glows from Thunderstorms 9/30/2019
Basin Scale Forcing of Long Timescale Flows on Western-Boundary Shelves 5/31/2020
Bathymetric Surveys in Support of Oyster Reef Restoration 12/1/2019
Braided Tensor Categories, Their Structure, Symmetries, and Graded Extensions 6/30/2021
C-REX2 In-Situ Measurements of Neutral and Plasma Dynamics Associated with Earth's Cusp-Region Thermospheric Mass Density Anomaly 3/12/2020
C-Rex-2 Addendum: ERPA-Bobs Adding Multipoint Electron Temperature Measurements to CREX-2 Mission 5/10/2020
CAREER: An Experimentally-Informed Multi-Level Framework Incorporating Interfaces for Modeling Fracture of Hexagonal Metals to Facilitate Scientific Exploration and Materials Design 4/30/2022
CAREER: An Integrated Platform for Measuring Neurotransmitters and Cytokines from Cells 2/29/2024
CAREER: Binuclear Chemistry of Heterogenized Molecular Catalysts in Solar CO2 Reduction 6/30/2020
CAREER: Development of a Wideband Acoustic System for Quantifying the Flux of Free Gas in Methane Seeps 2/29/2020
CAREER: Innovation in Turbulence Research and the Scientific Computing Curriculum 7/31/2021
CAREER: Investigating Earthquake Cycles on Mid-Ocean Ridge Transform Faults 2/29/2020
CAREER: Mechanics of a New Family of Auxetic Chiral Structures 5/31/2021
CAREER: Molecular Simulation Methods to Probe RNA Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Interfacial Interactions 2/28/2021
CAREER: Proactive Defense Methods for Chip Integrity and Security 3/31/2022
CAREER: Utilizing Fine-grained Knowledge Annotations in Text Understanding and Retrieval 12/31/2023
CRII: CHS: Human-Robot Collaboration in Special Education: A Robot that Learns Service Delivery from Teachers' Demonstrations 5/31/2020
CRISP Type I-Collaborative Research: Sustainable and Resilient Design Interdependent Water 8/31/2019
CRRC 5-Year Grant 7/31/2022
CRaTER - Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation 3/15/2020
Center for Broadband Excellence 6/30/2022
Center of Integrated Biomedical and Bioengineering Research (CIBBR) 5/31/2020
Characterization of Mixing and Mass Transfer of a Novel Variable Diameter Bioreactor (VDB) and Continuous Agitator 6/30/2020
Cold Regions Operations and Assessment Research 2/19/2021
Collab Research: Solar-Driven Hydrogenation of CO2 Using Hierarchically Porous TiO2 7/31/2020
Collaborative Proposal: Use of Elastin-Like Polymer as an Electrochemical Sensor 7/31/2019
Collaborative Research-GOALI: Fundamental Studies on Interface Structures and Properties from Impact Welding Across Varying Length Scales 11/30/2020
Collaborative Research: A High-Latitude Conjugate Area Array Experiment to Investigate Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling 7/31/2022
Collaborative Research: Assessing the Sensitivity of High-Altitude Environments to Globally Warm Climate as Recorded by Lacustrine Microbialite Carbonates 8/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Capturing 4D Variations in Stress, Slip, and Fault-Zone Material Properties: The 2019-2021 Gofar Transform Fault Earthquake Prediction Experiment 8/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Chemistry for the Community: Quantifying the Impact of Service Learning 9/30/2021
Collaborative Research: Dissolved Organic Phosphorus Controls on Marine Nitrogen Fixation and Export Production 8/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Earthquake Catalog and Waveform Analysis to Assess the Evolution of Axial Seamount Surrounding the 2015 Eruption 7/31/2019
Collaborative Research: FW-HTF Theme 2: The Next Mobile Office for Knowledge Workers 8/31/2022
Collaborative Research: IRES: US-German Research on Human Computer Interaction in Ubiquitous Computing 3/31/2020
Collaborative Research: Longitudinal Impact of PLTL on Student and Peer Leader Retention of General Chemistry Concepts and Attitudes Toward Chemistry 5/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Observations of High-Energy Radiation Associated with Thunderstorms 4/30/2020
Collaborative Research: Small Molecules as Chemical Probes of Protein Dynamics and Protein-Protein Interactions 7/31/2019
Collaborative Research: Towards a Mechanistic Prediction of Methane Ebullition Fluxes from Northern Peatlands 8/31/2020
Collaborative Research: Transport Processes Affecting High-Energy Solar Energetic Particles Observe 6/30/2022
Commercial Scale Offshore Aquaculture Demonstration, Training and Permitting to Increase Steelhead Trout and Blue Bussel Production in New England 8/31/2020
Connectivity Research Center 6/30/2020
Contact Lens to Remove Zinc Ions for Corneal Melting 3/31/2020
Continuation of the NOAA Joint Hydrographic Center at the University of New Hampshire 12/31/2020
Culturally Responsive and Effective Stem Teaching (CREST): Strengthening the Foundation for Teacher Success in High Needs Schools 5/31/2022
DOE EPSCoR 8/14/2019
DREAM: Dynamic Response of Environments at Asteroids, the Moon and Moons of Mars 12/31/2019
Developing Best Practices for Rehabilitation of Concrete with Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Overlays Related 2/28/2021
Development of Autonomous Control for Multiple Vehicle Platforms 6/29/2020
Development of a Faculty Colleague Bias Intervention Guide and Decision Tool 7/31/2022
Diamond Scattering Detectors for Compton Telescopes 12/31/2020
Dimensions: Collaborative Research: Microbial Biodiversity and Functionality in Deep Shale and its Interfaces 9/30/2019
Distribution System Disinfectant Study 4/29/2020
DoD CRREL Testing Services Contract 6/12/2020
Dynamos, Winds, and Electric Fields in the Daytime Lower Iono-Sphere (Dynamo 2) 10/15/2021
EAGER: PERR: Development of a Contest-based Crowdsourcing Scheme for Public Water Quality Monitoring 12/31/2019
ENSEMBLE Toolkit 12/6/2019
EPRI: Collaborative Research: Hydrogen Production via Electrochemical Reforming of Ethanol in a Proton Exchange Membrane Cell 6/30/2020
EPSCoR RII-Track 1 NH Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing 8/31/2023
Early Age Cracking in Concrete Bridge Curbs SPR Project # 26962P 12/31/2019
Early-Career Participant Support: NUMIFORM 2019 1/31/2020
Effects of Air Voids on DCT Fracture Energy Measurement 7/31/2019
Efficiency of 3D-Printed Scintillation Particle Detectors 10/1/2019
Electromagnetic Studies of Nucleon and Nuclear Structure 12/31/2020
Endurance: Gauging Earth's Polar Wind Ambipolar Electric Field 9/30/2019
Energetic Charged Particle Prototype Instrument with a Novel Synthetic Diamond Cherenkov 8/19/2021
Enhancing Preparation of Secondary Preservice Mathematics Teachers 5/31/2020
Environmental Testing of the Halo Triton Barrier at the University of New Hampshire 8/31/2019
Establishing and Maintaining a Coordination and Promotion Network for Seabed 2030 3/31/2020
Expansion of BISON Capabilities to Predict the Dynamic Response of Irradiated Fuel Rods 9/30/2021
Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity 5/31/2020
Factors that Control the Ion Composition of the Plasma Sheet and Ring Current 10/31/2022
Feasibility of Sustained Real-Time Turbidity Current Monitoring 6/30/2021
Fields Investigation Phase B-C-D for the MMS Mission 8/31/2020
From Archea to the Atmosphere: Integrating Microbial, Isotopic and Landscape-Scale Observations to Quantify Methane Emissions from Global High-Latitude Ecosystems 4/19/2020
GEM: The Role of Heavy Ion Outflow in Driving Sawtooth Oscillations 1/31/2020
GEM: The Role of O+ on Onset and Energy Release in the Earth's Magnetotail 8/31/2019
GEM: What Determines the Magnetosphere Plasma Entropy Distribution 8/31/2019
GOALI: Fundamental Studies and Modeling of High Impact Pressure, Supersonic Water Droplets (HIP-SWaD) for Material Deformation and Removal 2/29/2020
GOALI: Immiscible Phase Interface-Driven Processing of Ultrafine-Laminated Structures for Lightweight 8/31/2020
GP-Extra: Collaborative Links to Ocean Science and Earth Science Graduate Academic Programs 7/31/2021
Gamma-Ray Flares and Hard X-Ray Variations in the Crab Nebula Since 1991 3/26/2020
Green Infrastructure Restoration and Resiliency for Linear Transportation 12/31/2019
Hemoglobin Oxygen Therapeutic from Bovine Blood 8/23/2019
High Energy Routes to Strained Molecules and Reactive Intermediates 7/31/2020
High Velocity Forming of Micro-Truss Structures 12/31/2019
IBEX Operation 3/23/2021
III: Small: Robust Reinforcement Learning for Invasive Species Management 7/31/2020
IMAP-Lo Instrument Development 12/31/2019
ISIS Science Operations Center on the Solar Probe Plus (SPP) Mission 9/30/2019
Illumilnating the Pathways to Carbon Liberation: A Systems Approach to Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Patterns of Carbon Transformation and Loss from Thawing Permafrost Peatlands 8/14/2019
Improved Data Products for FAST TEAMS 1/31/2020
Improved Practices for Determining the Infiltration Characteristics of Soil for Design of Stormwater BMPs (SPR#26962U) 6/30/2021
Improving Integrated Multibeam Survey Systems 3/31/2021
Increasing Resilience and Reducing Risk Through Nature-Based Coastal Infrastructure 9/30/2020
Influence of Microbial Membranes on Biofilm Formation, Scaling Reactions, and Production Chemistry 9/14/2020
Innovative Packaging to Achieve Extremely Light Weight Sensor Pod Systems 12/31/2020
Instabilities Driven by Anisotropic Ion and electron Beams in the Solar Wind: Analytical Theory, Numerical Simulations, and In-Situ Observations 5/31/2020
Interaction of Extended MHD and Kinetic Effects in Global Magnetosphere Models 5/15/2020
Interactive Effects of Catchment and Climate Change on Water Quality 7/31/2020
Interstallar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) Operations Support and Science Analysis 11/30/2019
Intrinsic Residual Stresses in 3D Woven Composites: Measurement, Modeling, and Mitigation 6/30/2020
Investigation of the Role of Force Balance in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling 6/25/2021
Kelvin-Helmholtz Waves at Earth's Magnetosphere 3/15/2021
KiNET-X: Kinetic-scale Energy and Momentum Transport Experiment 4/30/2021
Landscape Scale Detection and Analysis of Dispersed Physical Food Storage Archeological Features in the Northern Great Lakes Region 6/30/2020
Laser Range Finder Project 7/1/2020
Loss Through Auroral Microburst Pulsations (LAMP) 5/21/2021
Low Voltage, Ultra-Compact Plasma Spectrometer: Phase2 6/30/2022
MIGSI Sensor 8/31/2020
MRI: Acquisition of Environmental Flows Water Tunnel 9/30/2019
MRI: Acquisition of a 700 MHz High Field NMR Spectrometer 9/30/2021
MSF-FRA: The Influence of Biological Diversity on Land-Atmosphere Exchange in Forests: Confronting Theory with Data 10/31/2021
Magnetic Reconnection High-Energy-Density Laboratory Plasmas 8/14/2019
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling of Magnetotail Fast Flows to the Aurora 9/2/2019
Mark Widholm's Participation in Redesign of Dartmouth PIP 9/30/2019
Micro Faraday Cup for Low Energy Ion Detection Channels 8/31/2019
Microbial Membrane Features and Metabolic Pathways in Deep Fractured Shale Systems 9/30/2019
Miscellaneous Business 12/31/2019
Monitoring a Living Shoreline for Wagon Hill Farm 1/31/2021
Monitoring an Engineered Log Jam 4/30/2022
Monitoring the Healy Wave Energy Convertor at the UNH Offshore Test Site 12/31/2019
Moultonborough Bay and Winter Harbor 12/1/2020
Multi-Spacecraft Observational Study and MHD Modeling of ICMEs Observed in Conjuction 6/30/2020
NETC ICNet Workshop 10/14/2019
NH Sea Grant 2018-2021 Omnibus 1/31/2022
NH Summer Transportation Institute Program 12/31/2019
NHIRC: Development of the Watts Pipe Joining Tool 8/28/2019
NHIRC: Modular AI Based Response Engine for ICS NTA and Correction 8/31/2019
NSF IUSE: Collaborative Research: Community Sourcing Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences 8/31/2020
NSF Includes DDLP: Advanced Partnerships Broadening Participation in NH's Workforce 8/31/2020
Nagoya University Visiting Scientist 3/31/2022
Near-Field MIMO in a Small Test Chamber 6/30/2020
New Insights into SEP Sources, Acceleration, and Propagation: An Integrated Observation-Modeling Approach 12/31/2023
New Techniques for Neutron Spectrometers 3/30/2020
Next Generation of Deep Drawing Using Smart Observers, Closed-Loop Control, and 3D-Servo-Press 7/31/2020
Nippon Foundation GEBCO Training Program Year 15 & 16 6/30/2020
Non-Maxwellian Distribution Functions in the Solar Wind: Dispersion Relations and Instabilities 3/16/2020
Northeast Combined Heat and Power Center 7/30/2023
Nutrient Pollution Implementation Planning for UNH and Other Great Bay Communities 12/31/2020
ORPC: High-Deflection Hydrofoils for MHK 8/31/2020
Oil Spill Modeling for Improved Response to Arctic Maritime Spills: The Path Forward 6/30/2020
Optimization of the GRAPE Polarimeter Design 12/31/2019
PFI:BIC: The Living Bridge: The Future of Smart, Sustainable, User-Centered Transportation Infrastructure 1/31/2020
Pall Corp Miscellaneous Projects XVIII 2/29/2020
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) as a Search Technique for Micro-Aerial Vehicals 3/31/2020
Photon-Based Methods of Controlling Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria in Drinking Water Storage Tanks 7/31/2019
Physical Origins of Suprathermal Ion Populations Throughout the Heliosphere 7/31/2020
Physics-Based Models for Manufacturing of Advanced Materials 9/16/2020
Polymer Research Group Industrial Consortium 2/15/2022
Predicting Non-Equilibrium Wall-Flow Phenomena at High Reynolds Numbers 3/31/2021
Production and Propagation of Energetic and LF-VLF Radio Waves Associated with Terrestrial Gamma Rays 9/29/2020
RET SITE: Rise UP 4/30/2020
RI: SMALL: Robust Reinforcement Learning Using Bayesian Models 7/31/2021
RII Track-2 FEC: Strengthening the Scientific Basis for Decision-Making About Dams: Multi-Scale, Coupled-Systems Research on Ecological, Social, and Economic Trade-Offs 7/31/2020
Real-Time Condition Assessment of Structures for Fatigue Monitoring for Decision Making and Asset Management 2/28/2020
Reducing Arsenic Exposure in Drinking Water and Increasing Groundwater Sustainability by Using the Glacial Aquifer and a Novel Shallow Well Design 9/30/2019
Rejuvenation of the UNH Neutron Monitor Network 6/30/2020
Resilience, Reliability, and Externalities of Integrated Centralized and Distributed Water and Energy 8/31/2020
Resolving the Role of the Pressure Gradient in the Burial & Mobility of Underwater Munitions 3/9/2020
Revealing the Role of Inhomogeneities and disorder in 2D Materials: Correlating Transport with Spatial and Electronic Topography 6/30/2020
Robust Learning of Sequential Motion from Human Demonstrations 12/31/2021
SaTC: STARSS: Small: Collaborative: Managing Hardware Security in Three-Dimensional Integrated 9/30/2019
SaTC: STARSS: Small: Collaborative: Managing Hardware Security in Three-Dimensional Integrated 9/30/2020
Satellite Enhanced Snowmelt Flood Predictions in the Red River of the North Basin 12/31/2019
Scanned Probe Microscopy Studies of MoS2 Catalysis on Insulating Substrates: Impact of Substrate, Strain, and Defects 8/31/2020
Seabed 2030: The Complete Mapping of the Ocean Floor by 2030 8/31/2021
Seismic Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction in Unsaturated Soils 3/31/2021
Simulating the Multi-Messenger Emission from Merging Neutron Stars 7/31/2021
Solar Probe Plus FIELDS Experiment, Phase A 9/30/2025
Solar Wind Observations at Quadrature 9/14/2019
Spatial Characterization of Snow and Soil Interactions 7/17/2020
Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transporter (SMET) Tele-Operation Feedback System 9/3/2019
Stabilization of Chaotic Systems with Uncertain Equilibrium States and its Application to Energy Efficient HVAC System 7/31/2020
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Statewide Data Exchange System (SADES) 6/30/2021
Storm Enhanced Density, Tongues of Ionization and Sub Auroral Polarization Streams 9/25/2021
Structure of the Solar Wind and its Coupling to the Earth's Magnetosphere: Insights from Wind 7/31/2019
Studies of Atmospheric Albedo Neutrons and Gamma Rays with CGRO/COMPTEL 6/30/2020
Substorm Impacts on Ion Composition in the Near-Earth Plasma Sheet 10/31/2020
Support IIE-GIRE Awardee 7/1/2020
Surface Molecular Chemistry in Solar Fuel Research 8/31/2020
Synthesis of 3-D Coronal-Solar Wind Energetic Particle Acceleration (C-SWEPA) Modules 3/25/2020
Synthetic Polymers with Protein Like Structure and Activity 6/30/2020
TEAM Scholarships: Supporting Community College Transfer Students in Earning STEM Degrees at UNH 2/29/2020
Taking it to the Streets: Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Philadelphia Communities 9/30/2020
Teacher Education for Equitable Mathematics Instruction An Exploratory Study of Noyce Programs 6/30/2020
Technology Transfer Center 12/31/2019
Tectonic Activity and Climate as Drivers of Landscape Evolution in the Teton Range, USA 12/31/2020
The Development of a Low-Energy Compton Imager for GRB Polarization Studies 2/24/2023
The Finishers Program: A Cohesive Support System From High School Through College 12/31/2022
The Origin of HF and VHF Radio Emissions from Lighting 5/31/2022
Themis-Time History Events/Macroscale Interactions 12/31/2019
Theoretical High Energy Physics at the University of New Hampshire 8/16/2019
To Present and Discuss Continuous Measurement of Mental Health at the University of Surrey and the University of Oxford 7/1/2020
To improve teaching quality and effectiveness in the classroom 8/1/2019
Tracking and Attenuating Nutrient Loads from Manure Fertilization 6/30/2020
Tradeoffs Between Soil Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Organic Pastures Under Management Intensive Grazing. 8/31/2019
Transient Phenomena of the Outer Low-Latitude Magnetosphere from Multipoint Observations 10/22/2021
ULF Data Processing 8/31/2019
UNH Oceanography Graduate Program 8/27/2019
UNH-JMH, Inc. Disinfection Study 5/31/2020
Ultrahigh-Resolution Analyses of Organic Constituents in Shale Well Fluids and Their Environmental Persistence 6/30/2020
Understanding Impulse Propagation Time in the Magnetosphere 2/28/2020
Understanding Ion Heating and Convection Using TWINS and SWMF 6/10/2020
Understanding and Predicting the Space Weather Impact of Extreme Solar Storms 8/14/2022
Understanding the Interplay Between Electrode and Aqueous Electrolyte on the Electrochemical Storage of Na-ion and K-ion 6/30/2020
Understanding the Role of Moisture in Rainfall Variability and Agricultural Decision Making 2/29/2020
Use of Smart Rocks to Improve Rock Slope Design (SPR#26962Z) 6/30/2021
Utilizing In-Situ Ultraviolet Spectroscopy to Measure Nutrients and Sediment Concentrations in Stormwater Runoff 9/1/2019
VAP-EMFISIS Phase E, Extended Mission 1 & 2-ARDES 8/31/2019
What are Plasma Sources for the Long-Lived Plasmaspheric Drainage Plumes? 11/9/2019
Windows on the Inquiry Classroom: Full Course Instructor-and-Apprentice-Annotated Video for Professional Development in STEM Inquiry Teaching 12/31/2019
oTherm: Data Dictionary 10/31/2019