Active Grants for the Research Faculty (CEPS) department

Grant Name Close Date
AquaShield Testing 5/30/2021
Country Pond Watershed Based Plan 11/30/2020
Environmental DNA Lake Assesments of New England Lakes- Harmful Algal Blooms 8/31/2021
Great Bay Pollution Tracking and Accounting Pilot Project (PTAPP): Phase 3 6/30/2021
Great Bay Waterbody-Watershed Nitrogen Non-Point Source Study Implementation: Phase 3 12/31/2020
Maintenance and Monitoring Program Update for Subsurface Gravel Wetland BMP Retrofits on Cape Cod 9/30/2020
Moultonborough Bay and Winter Harbor 12/1/2020
NH - Invasive Species Detection in Northeast Regional Lakes Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) 12/31/2020
NH Sea Grant 2018-2021 Omnibus 1/31/2022
NH Water Resources Research Center Administrative 12/31/2021
Nutrient Pollution Implementation Planning for UNH and Other Great Bay Communities 12/31/2020
Product Testing for StormKleener at the UNH Stormwater Center 12/31/2021
Product Testing for the Bioinfiltrator TM at the UNH Stormwater Center 12/31/2021
SNEP Technical Assistance 9/30/2020
Taking it to the Streets: Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Philadelphia Communities 9/30/2020