Active Grants for the CIBBR department

Grant Name Close Date
Bioinformatics "Train the Trainer" (T3): the integration of bioinformatics into an undergraduate biology curriculum 6/30/2022
CAREER: An Integrated Platform for Measuring Neurotransmitters and Cytokines from Cells 2/29/2024
CAREER: Molecular Simulation Methods to Probe RNA Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Interfacial Interactions 2/28/2021
Center of Integrated Biomedical and Bioengineering Research (CIBBR) 5/31/2020
Contact Lens to Remove Zinc Ions for Corneal Melting 3/31/2020
EPO Regulated Eythropoiesis 2/28/2021
EPSCoR RII-Track 1 NH Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing 8/31/2023
Epigenetic Regulation of WM Biology 3/15/2021
Genomic Responses to the Deepwater Horizon Event and the Development of High-throughput Biological Assays for Oil Spills 12/31/2019
In vivo imaging of memory formation and memory recall 12/31/2019
MRI: Acquisition of a 700 MHz High Field NMR Spectrometer 9/30/2021
NH IDeA Network of Biological Research Excellence 6/30/2020
Role of GLI2 in B Cell Biology 6/30/2020
cGMP and Photoreceptor Function 12/31/2019