Active Grants for the NH BioMade department

Grant Name Close Date
Application of Antifreeze Proteins and Mimetic Peptides in Anti-Icing Surface Coating 11/30/2020
Building a Strong Workforce Alliance for Biofabrication & Bioengineering Through K12 Education 9/30/2021
CAREER: An Experimentally-Informed Multi-Level Framework Incorporating Interfaces for Modeling Fracture of Hexagonal Metals to Facilitate Scientific Exploration and Materials Design 4/30/2022
CAREER: Molecular Simulation Methods to Probe RNA Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Interfacial Interactions 2/28/2021
Center for Broadband Excellence 6/30/2022
Center of Integrated Biomedical and Bioengineering Research (CIBBR) 5/31/2020
Collaborative Research-GOALI: Fundamental Studies on Interface Structures and Properties from Impact Welding Across Varying Length Scales 11/30/2020
Collaborative Research: GOALI: Strain Gradient Plasticity Modeling to Link Microstructural Non-local Effects of Dislocation-Interface Interactions with Ductility and Springback 9/30/2022
Collaborative Research: Towards a Mechanistic Prediction of Methane Ebullition Fluxes from Northern Peatlands 8/31/2020
Commercial Scale Offshore Aquaculture Demonstration, Training and Permitting to Increase Steelhead Trout and Blue Bussel Production in New England 8/31/2020
Contact Lens to Remove Zinc Ions for Corneal Melting 3/31/2020
EPSCoR RII-Track 1 NH Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing 8/31/2023
Early-Career Participant Support: NUMIFORM 2019 1/31/2020
From Archea to the Atmosphere: Integrating Microbial, Isotopic and Landscape-Scale Observations to Quantify Methane Emissions from Global High-Latitude Ecosystems 4/19/2020
GOALI: Fundamental Studies and Modeling of High Impact Pressure, Supersonic Water Droplets (HIP-SWaD) for Material Deformation and Removal 2/28/2021
GOALI: Immiscible Phase Interface-Driven Processing of Ultrafine-Laminated Structures for Lightweight 8/31/2020
GP-Extra: Collaborative Links to Ocean Science and Earth Science Graduate Academic Programs 7/31/2021
Graduate Research Fellowship Program 7/31/2020
Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) 7/31/2023
Illumilnating the Pathways to Carbon Liberation: A Systems Approach to Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Patterns of Carbon Transformation and Loss from Thawing Permafrost Peatlands 8/14/2020
Intrinsic Residual Stresses in 3D Woven Composites: Measurement, Modeling, and Mitigation 6/30/2020
MRI: Acquisition of a 700 MHz High Field NMR Spectrometer 9/30/2021
NSF Includes DDLP: Advanced Partnerships Broadening Participation in NH's Workforce 8/31/2020
Next Generation of Deep Drawing Using Smart Observers, Closed-Loop Control, and 3D-Servo-Press 7/31/2020
Pathways to Professions in the Biosciences Program 11/30/2024
Physics-Based Models for Manufacturing of Advanced Materials 9/15/2020
Polymer Research Group Industrial Consortium 2/15/2022
RET SITE: Rise UP 4/30/2020
RII Track-2 FEC: Strengthening the Scientific Basis for Decision-Making About Dams: Multi-Scale, Coupled-Systems Research on Ecological, Social, and Economic Trade-Offs 7/31/2020
RII Track-2FEC: Genomic Ecology of Coastal Organisms (GECO): A Systems-based Research and Training Program in Genome-Phenome Relationships in the Wild 7/31/2022
Resilience, Reliability, and Externalities of Integrated Centralized and Distributed Water and Energy 8/31/2020
Synthetic Polymers with Protein Like Structure and Activity 6/30/2020
TEAM Scholarships: Supporting Community College Transfer Students in Earning STEM Degrees at UNH 2/28/2021
Tradeoffs Between Soil Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Organic Pastures Under Management Intensive Grazing. 8/31/2020