Active Grants for the Tenure Faculty (COLA) department

Grant Name Close Date
A History of Human-Wetland Interaction in the Lower Belize River Watershed 5/31/2021
A Study of Trauma and Resiliency Among Forensic Examiners Investigating Child Pornography 12/31/2022
Arctic Village Dynamics: Longitudinal Study of Population, Environment, and Community Change in Alaska 1/31/2022
Bringing in the Bystander: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Adaptation 10/14/2021
Bringing uSafeUS to all NH Post-Secondary Institutions 2020 6/30/2021
Campus Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Consortium 12/31/2023
Center for Broadband Excellence 6/30/2022
Collaborative Research: Advancing Predictability of Sea Ice: Phase 2 of the SIPN 12/31/2021
Culturally Responsive and Effective Stem Teaching (CREST): Strengthening the Foundation for Teacher Success in High Needs Schools 5/31/2022
Develop and Enhance Comprehensive Sexual and Relationship Violence and Stalking Prevention Strategies for the St. Paul's School 9/30/2020
Developing a Deeper Understanding of the Cognitive Processes (MD) 8/31/2022
Development of a Faculty Colleague Bias Intervention Guide and Decision Tool 7/31/2022
Engaging Patients to Promote Deprescribing (CHOIR IPA) 12/31/2020
Ethnohistory of African Americans in Essex County, Massachusetts 7/31/2020
Evaluation of Dartmouth College's Sexual Violence Prevention Project 9/1/2020
Fourth National Incidence Study of Missing, Abducted, Runaway & Thrownaway Children (NISMART-4) 9/30/2020
HYPE Program 2018 9/30/2020
IPA Navy 7/31/2020
IRES: Track I: Andean-Amazonian Watershed Experience: Exploring 8/31/2023
Individual Differences in Affective Reactivity and Cognitive Performance 8/14/2020
Interactive Effects of Catchment and Climate Change on Water Quality 7/31/2020
Landscape Scale Detection and Analysis of Dispersed Physical Food Storage Archeological Features in the Northern Great Lakes Region 6/30/2021
Making Noyce in NH: A Teacher Leaders Program to Improve STEM Learning for all Students 5/31/2025
Massachusetts Historical Society Fellowship 12/23/2020
NH Early and Elementary Mathematics Collaborative (NHEEMC): Supportiing Active Mathematics Instruction in Early Childhood 12/31/2020
NSF CoPe: Workshop Anticipating Economic Growth of Nothern New England Coastal Communities 12/31/2020
NatSCEV4 12/31/2020
National Survey of Internet & Technology Facilitated Child Exploitation 2/29/2024
Ocean Acidifications Thresholds 8/31/2021
PFI:BIC: The Living Bridge: The Future of Smart, Sustainable, User-Centered Transportation Infrastructure 7/31/2020
Preschool Development Grant Birth Through Five (PDG B-5) 12/30/2020
RII Track-2: Computational Methods and Autonomous Robotics Systems for Modeling and Predicting 7/31/2020
Senior Fulbright Fellow Spain 7/15/2020
Social Media Comprehension and Mass Communication: Curriculum Development to Combat Misinformation 7/31/2020
Socioeconomic Disparities in Breast Density Awareness 6/30/2023
Summer Boot Camps in Public Humanities 7/31/2021
Targeting Environmental Infrastructures in the Middle East and North Africa 4/30/2021
The African American Experience in Essex County, MA 8/31/2020
The African American Experience in Essex County, MA US DOI NPS 9/30/2020
The Cognitive Thalamus: Influence on Prefrontal Cortex and Goal-Directed Behavior 1/31/2021
The Finishers Program: A Cohesive Support System From High School Through College 12/31/2022
The Interplay of Emotion, Cognitive, and Authority Factors in the Legal Socialization Model 7/31/2021
The Legacy of Birgitta of Sweden: Women, Politics, and Reform in Renaissance Italy 8/31/2020
University of New Hampshire - Teacher Residency for Rural Education (UNH-TRRE) 9/30/2021
University of New Hampshire Teacher Residency for Rural Education (UNH-TRRE) 9/30/2021
Visiting Fellow, Center of Cultural Sociology 6/30/2021
Wear and Tear: Essays, Poems, Journals 12/1/2020
Workshop Anticipating Economic Growth of Northern New England Coastal Communities 1/1/2021
uSafeHS 12/31/2020