Active Grants for the Food and Agriculture department

Grant Name Close Date
2014-2017 NH Sea Grant Omnibus 8/31/2019
2019 IPM Program for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug On-Farm Monitoring (2019 IPM BMSB) 3/31/2020
2019 IPM Program for Spotted Wing Drosophila On-Farm Monitoring (2019 IPM SWD) 3/31/2020
2019 IPM Program for Vegetable Crops On-Farm Monitoring (2019 IPM Vegetable) 3/31/2020
Advancing Submerged Mussel Farming Technologies to Alleviate Eider Duck Predation 8/31/2019
Advancing the Development of Seed-Propagated Strawberry Varieties 8/31/2020
Assisting Maple Syrup Producers to Comply with the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule of FS 8/31/2019
Benchmarks for Northeast High-Value Agricultural Sectors 8/31/2021
Commercial Scale Offshore Aquaculture Demonstration, Training and Permitting to Increase Steelhead Trout and Blue Bussel Production in New England 8/31/2020
Ecologically-Based Pest Management Strategies to Improve Quality and Yield of Brassica Crops 6/30/2021
Improving Hatchery Techniques of Lumpfish to Control Sea Lice 12/31/2020
Improving Labor Management Skills on Small and Medium-Sized Farms 3/31/2021
Improving Nutrient and Pest Management in High Tunnel Tomato Production 9/30/2019
Increasing Women and Beginning Farmers’ Use of Risk Management Strategies to Strengthen Farms 3/31/2020
Integrated Seaweed Hatchery and Selective Breeding Technologies for Scalable Offshore Seaweed 12/31/2019
Northeast Region Center Diagnostics Network Facility 8/31/2019
Optimizing Protected Culture Environments for Berry Crops 8/31/2019
Outreach and Education for the Food Safety Modernization Act-Years 3-5 6/30/2021
Permitting a Finfish Aquaculture Operation in the Gulf of Mexico 9/30/2019
Pesticide Safety and the Christmas Tree Grower 12/31/2019
Professional Development in Calibrating Pesticide and Nutrient Application for Agriculture 10/31/2020
Reducing Legal Risks Through On-Line Education 9/30/2019
Tech-Transfer for NH Beekeepers 10/31/2019
UNH Sept 2017-Aug 2020 NIFA USDA Pest Management Implementation Program 8/31/2019